Your first appointment will encompass a wide range of elements

Referral Form

  • You will require a referral form signed by your veterinary surgeon prior to any treatments taking place. This is a legal requirement and ensures that Lisa is aware of the veterinary diagnosis and any additional concerns or suggestions your vet may have. Lisa will create your client file on the first visit and your referral form will be part of this file.

Making friends

  • Because rehabilitation requires Lisa to work up close and personal with your pet it is essential that they are comfortable with her handling and touching them. This often requires Lisa to call upon her background in animal behaviour as many patients are shy or suspicious of being handled due to their injury and discomfort. Food treats and games may be used to help develop the relationship between herself and the patient and whilst this is happening she will work with the owner to obtain a detailed history of the patient

A thorough assessment of the patient

  • Your pet will be examined in a variety of positions (sit, stand, walk and trot) to confirm the initial concern and the extent of any compensation that may be occurring in the body. Muscle groups will be measured to mark the starting point of treatment and used regularly as markers of progression; Lisa will also undertake a physical assessment of your pets soft tissues, joints and their ability to extend and flex in a normal manner as well as your pets pain responses.

Treatment Plans

  • A short term treatment plan will initially be developed. The reason for initially setting short term goals is that within the first three to four sessions additional compensation may be discovered as the patient relaxes during the sessions and additional soft tissue concerns are found within the tissues.
  • Once a full understanding of how the patients body is managing and coping with its concerns a longer term treatment plan can be put in to place. Treatment plans are always specific to the individual patient and are altered and adapted in relation to client progress and veterinary feedback.
  • The range of treatments provided by Lisa will be selected based on your pets medical condition, temperament and always with welfare and well-being as a top priority.

Communication with your veterinary surgeon 

  • It is not uncommon for a client to be referred back to their veterinary surgeon for further assessment of pain, discomfort, diagnosis or compensatory concerns.
  • Lisa will also provide reports and updates to your veterinary surgeon on a regular basis


Lisa works across three locations in the North West which all offer land and aquatic treatments, in addition to this she offers home visits for pets or owners that struggle to attend one of her clinic locations


My Pets Vets

  • Moss Industrial Estate, Walter Leigh Way, Leigh, WN7 3PT
  • Clinic Days – Monday, Wednesday & Friday – afternoon to late evening appointments
  • Treatment Sessions cost £28.50

Full range of rehabilitation services and Underwater Treadmill for aquatic based therapy


Animal Trust Vets

  • 44-46 Lower Bridgeman Street, Bolton, BL2 1DG
  • Clinic Days – Monday, Tuesday & Thursday – daytime appointments
  • Treatment Sessions from £27.00

Full range of rehabilitation services and Underwater Treadmill for aquatic based therapy


The Willows Hydrotherapy and Veterinary Physiotherapy Centre

  • 65 Mowbray Drive, Blackpool, FY3 – 07923 409 192
  • Clinic Days – Sundays – day time appointments
  • Treatment Sessions cost £35.00

Full range of rehabilitation services and aquatic pool

 Home Visits – Greater Manchester Area

  • Treatment sessions cost £30

Lisa can see clients in their own home, all of her equipment is portable and appointments are normally booked through the week days, however some evening appointments are available.