Canine Physio provides CPD that is accessible, relevant, practical and affordable. 

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Current CPD / Workshops available

Aquatic Massage for the Canine Hydrotherapist – A theory filled morning and practical pool based exploring massage, its legalities, techniques, impact of the water on the soft tissue and how to safely apply them in water £150 – per person – 6 CPD hours

Gait, soft tissues and posture: How they impact on the canine rehab patient – We will be exploring normal and abnormal gait patterns and how gait, posture and soft tissue changes impact on eachother. Theory based morning and some practical assessment of gait, soft tissue changes in the afternoon – £60 per person – 6 CPD hours

Recovery of locomotion in the canine patient – A theory and practical based day, exploring the science behind the generation of locomotion in the canine patient and how locomotion patterns may be able to be recovered post spinal trauma / surgery through the use of land and aquatic based techniques – £100 per person – 6 CPD hours

Patient Assessment / Exam – A very practical day exploring clinical reasoning, orthopedic, neurological and soft tissue exams. Students will work in pairs with a dog between them as we work through the importance of clinical reasoning and how it impacts on report writing, treatment plans and rehabilitation goal achievement, basic orthopedic, neurological and soft tissue assessment and how the assessments may vary between hydrotherapists and physiotherapists – £100 per person – 7 CPD hours

Anatomy Series – Spinal column, Pelvic Limb or Thoracic Limb – three separate CPD days focusing on the skeletal, muscular and conformation aspects of the dogs anatomy. Each topic also covers assessment of the specific anatomical area Theory based morning with practical afternoon – £60 per person – 6 CPD hours

Workshops for Sporting Owners & Dogs 

We offer a series of 1/2 day workshops (2 topics can be combined for a full day) that target the needs of sporting clubs and teams 

  • Posture and Muscle-skeletal assessment of the sporting dog
  • Canine Massage for the sporting dog 
  • Current Canine Conditioning Practices 

This series of workshops teaches owners how to assess their dogs posture and muscular system to ensure that they are fit to sport, to manage basic soft tissue tension and restriction through the application of massage and to maintain their muscles, balance, flexibility and stamina through current conditioning practices. 

Costs: £15 per person for a single topic (half day), £25 per person for 2 topics (full day) workshop – minimum 10 people required  

Coming in 2020

Joint Series – The Hip, Elbow or Stifle – 3 separate CPD days exploring common conditions of the specific area, its anatomy, treatment options – (physio and hydro based) and impact on the rest of the body. Theory based day – £60 per person – 6 CPD hours

Therapeutic Exercise for the Rehab Patient – we will be exploring the theory behind exercise, its prescription and the scope of exercises that can be undertaken to achieve strength, balance and stamina in the recovering patient, and how to develop treatment programs

Conditioning the healthy patient – we will be exploring the purpose of conditioning, how it differs from rehab and its impact on the body and how to develop exercise based, conditioning programs

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