Many people do not realise the range of conditions that would benefit from physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is not just about pulled muscles, it is very effective for soft tissue injuries, pain, orthopaedic and neurological concerns.

In order to encourage the best possible recovery your dog is treated as a whole, we never treat just the injured or painful area. Each treatment session will see your entire dog treated to ensure they are well balanced and working toward the best possible recovery.

Physiotherapy can assist with:

Soft tissue concerns

  • ligament, tendon and muscle injuries
  • breakdown of scar tissue
  • tension, tightness and restrictions within the soft tissues
  • inflammation and swelling
  • pain management
  • wound breakdown
  • muscle wastage
  • compensation and weight transfer

Orthopaedic Concerns 

  • poorly healing fractures
  • dysplasias, OCD,  bone deformities
  • lameness
  • luxations

Neurological Concerns 

  • wobblers, disc disease and injury, CDRM
  • degenerative conditions
  • spinal injury and pre/post surgery
  • nerve injury and dysfunction
  • ataxia

Balance & Co-ordination 

Some medical conditions leave our pets unbalanced and poorly co-ordinated; physiotherapy and massage can improvement the balance and co-ordination of some pets and reduce the amount of compensation and weight transfer that is occurring in the body